Bone Marrow Stem Cells & Neupogen

Neupogen® for Renewing You and Your Stem Cells

NeupogenA decline in the functioning and responsiveness of bone marrow stem cells is responsible for many of the degenerative changes we experience with aging. As we age we tend to exercise less, inhale or ingest more toxins, experience declines in key hormones and increases in chronic inflammation and infections in our bodies. All this and more contributes to our stem cells losing the reparative edge they possessed when we were young.

Neupogen- Out with the Old, In with the New

As a general rule the younger a person’s stem cells are, the younger he is because young stem cells can repair old tissues and renew or revitalize them.  By this token if one were to remove an individual’s old bone marrow and then use HLA matched umbilical cord stem cells to create wholly new tissue they would likely experience the kind of “Fountain of Youth” effects we older folks all dream of experiencing!  Although we have not progressed to this point yet here in the USA, we can take a few steps in this direction by prodding our bone marrow to replace old stem cells with more vigorous new ones. To accomplish this, first we must purge the bone marrow of the old, tired, senescent stem cells which are not capable of mounting an effective healing response to bodily injuries and medical conditions. This “out with the old, in with the new” can be pulled off to some degree using the FDA approved drug, Neupogen®. Neupogen, also known as GM-CSF or granulocyte-monocyte colony stimulating factor, is a natural hormone whose basic function is to mobilize stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream.

Neupogen Leaves the Strongest, Healthiest Stem Cells

If a patient is given an injection of Neupogen every day for five days, most of his old stem cells will be washed out of his bone marrow into his blood stream. What remains are the strongest, healthiest stem cells since these were able to hold onto their moorings better than the senescent, weaker stem cells that were purged by the injections.
These stronger, healthier stem cells are (in turn) stimulated by all of the washing activity to multiply.  Various scientific studies as well as our own research has shown that bone marrow samples harvested two weeks after patients complete the daily injections of Neupogen® have up to ten times more stem cells than was true prior to the injections! In addition, these new cells appear to be healthier and better able to engraft into and heal tissues that have become diseased or worn out with the passage of time. We can even see a tremendous difference in the Stem Cell Lab with the senescent old cells hardly able to survive much less thrive while the stimulated stem cells act frisky and full of life!   These frisky, peppy stimulated stem cells help return an older person to a more vital state of well-being, the kind they knew when much younger and produce better healing of the disorder that is being attempted to be fixed.
Occasionally we do see an older healthier individual benefit from a bone marrow transplant without the use of Neupogen® but the rate and degree of success is generally much better if it is used for five days in-a-row two weeks before the bone marrow procedure. If you skip the Neupogen and have repetitive bone marrow transplants we have seen that it will take four to six transplants to bring the bone marrow to the same “frisky” level with what we see with one round of Neupogen.
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