KNEE JOINT PAIN Money Back Guarantee


Bone Marrow Stem Cell Treatment

Money Back Guarantee

 (1) Individuals with medically diagnosed knee joint issues must have a functional capacity examination by a licensed physical therapist or physiatrist of the injured or damaged joint or joints prior to his or her whole bone marrow treatment and submit the results of this exam or exams along with an X-Ray, CT or MRI of the disease-affected joint or joints before said treatment is administered.

(2) This contract is only for those patients with knee joint diseases who pay the full price of $6K USD or more for their initial treatment of one or more joints: joints take about three months to heal but If at any time after the first three months during the ensuing year they continue to have pain and are not satisfied with the results from the first bone marrow treatment, another bone marrow treatment will be given to them free-of-charge (Only the treatment itself will be free. Travel expenses to the clinic, incidentals and such are not covered). If not less than three months and not more than six months following the second bone marrow treatment the patient is still not satisfied with the outcome, (s)he will need to re-visit the initial licensed physical therapist or physiatrist and have an identical functional capacity examination as the one done prior to the first bone marrow treatment and have this licensed professional write a report giving precise details concerning the “failure to repair the bone marrow treated joint(s)” and submit that report for a full refund of all monies paid for the original bone marrow treatment (The second treatment having been given without charge).

The licensed physical therapist or physiatrist’s signed report attesting to the fact that there has not been any improvement in the patient’s treated joint(s) must be sent by certified mail to Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic. If the original examining physical therapist or physiatrist is not available, the patient should take a copy of his or her original report and films to another licensed physical therapist or physiatrist and ask this professional to compare his or her current knee joint situation to what it was like before the two bone marrow treatments. If this professional reports that they see no improvement and the patient is still having problems with the treated joint or joints, the patient should submit a report from this professional that compares (on paper) the medical status of his or her joint(s) before and after the bone marrow treatments and states there was no clinical nor anatomic improvement. This should be submitted along with the patient’s request for a full refund.

(3) Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic will refund the full amount paid for the original bone marrow treatment within sixty days after receipt of all exams and signed documents specified in articles 1-2 above.




Any dispute concerning patient compliance with the terms of this guarantee is subject to binding arbitration under the rules and auspices of the American Arbitration Association or other mutually agreeable arbitrator.


This money-back guarantee offer is good from April 2, 2012 to December 21, 2012 inclusive.