Intravenous Therapies – I.V. Therapy

Intravenous Therapies – I.V. Therapy

Intravenous TherapiesYour blood nourishes your organs and tissues. If your blood were to remain as healthy and robust as a newborn baby, you would be closer to the fountain of youth than anyone else has ever been able to achieve. Why? Newborn baby’s blood contains great quantities of stem cells, growth factors, hormones, amino acids, etc. This mixture is so rich with growth promoting activity, a newborn baby can double their weight during the first month of life! Our nutritional I.V. therapies are designed to nudge your blood back towards that “magical time” when your body was able to grow quickly and to ably repair injured tissues. Stem cells have been grown in tissue culture for the past 50 years so we know much about how to grow stem cells in a test tube. We borrow from this body of knowledge to help prepare IVs that fill your blood with compounds that support the growth of your own stem cells and the repair and regeneration of tissues.

Our Intravenous Therapies Include:

Our intravenous therapies are geared to each individual’s needs, but may include: EDTA or other chelators to facilitate the removal of heavy metals (which are implicated in most neurological diseases); glutathione to help the body deal with Parkinson’s symptoms and act as a powerful chelator and antioxidant; potent antioxidant therapies for macular degeneration, cataracts and retinopathy; magnesium to provide the body what it needs to deal with heart attacks, heart failure, arrhythmia, asthma, diabetes, migraines and kidney stones. There are many other nutrients and substances used in our intravenous therapies which your doctor will tailor to your case.

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